Sunday, September 16, 2012

folkloric look for ats®

All I knew (and this was said repeatedly whenever we had classes that focused on creating a folkloric look) was that generally, when one wants to dance ATS® to a folkloric music (with the mizmar, oud, doumbek, without any of the synthesized sounds), complete with the vintage head wrap and tassels, it is best to maximize the folkloric look by staying away from swirly, swishy moves. This categorization had eluded me for so long (a year, probably), but last Saturday, I finally received the answer. 

Ms. Sandi Ball gave me the permission to copy this list. I've added some that weren't on the original list (look for the asterisk). 

Folkloric Look:
  1. Egyptian (I assume this means all variations of Egyptians, including Triple Egyptian, but excluding Egyptian Sevillana since this has a more Flamenco feel to it)
  2. Arabic (but not Arabic Hip Twist nor Arabic Hip Twist Flourish and its later descendant: the Alabama Twister)
  3. Pivot Bump
  4. Choo Choo
  5. Shimmy (including the variation with a slight dip on the one in every four counts. Since the Shimmy is a two-count move, it goes like this: one - two - one - two - one - two - one - two - one - two etc. The underlined is when you slightly dip) 
  6. Turkish Shimmy (including Quarter Turn and Half Turn, but excluding Turkish Shimmy with Arms & Turn)
  7. Arabic Shimmy (excluding Arabic Shimmy with Arms & Turn)
  8. Reach & Sit (well, this one comes from the Tahtiyb / Stick dance, so it works well with songs with Saidi rhythm)
  9. Up 2 Down 3
  10. Double Bump & Single Bump
  11. Shoulder Shimmy
  12. Wet Dog
  13. Ghawazee Shimmy
  14. Reshamka
  15. Chico Four Corners
  16. Ribcage Rotation
  17. Head Slides
  18. Circle Step*
  19. Camel Walk*
  20. Corkscrew, Propeller, Reverse Turns*
  21. Torso Twist*
  22. Circle Step*
  23. Bodywave*
Modern Look: 
  1. Arabic Hip Twist and Arabic Hip Twist with Flourish and the Alabama Twister
  2. Turkish Shimmy with Arms and Turn
  3. Arabic Shimmy with Arms and Turn
  4. Double Back
  5. Sahra Turn
  6. Wrap Around Turn
  7. Barrel Turn
Now, obviously this list is ever evolving. For example, the Water Pot from Devyani or The Box Step and Push Forward Push Back from the Ghawazi Caravan vocabulary are not on the list. Granted, the Water Pot is swishy and swirly (meaning it has lots of turns and spins), but it does have that folkloric look. In my opinion anyway. And the Push Forward Push Back and Box Step have that folkloric hard edge. 

Also, I believe Floorwork falls into the Folkloric Look category. 

One of the main reasons I post this is to remind myself that there are moves that are considered Folkloric Look. When I dance, especially when there's mizmar or any kind of wind instrument that's not droning, I like doing the swishy steps like the Arabic Hip Twist. So, the list gives me a kind of boundary in a good way. 

I was going to include a YouTube snippet of The Tattooed One, but instead, I'm just going to post this.

When I stumbled upon it, it was like opening a treasure chest. Seeing Ms. Nericcio's fast solo is a rare treat too. 

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