Sunday, September 13, 2009

"the dance within" - the first annual recital of dancewave center jakarta

Yep, it's official!

The dance institution I'm currently involved with, DanceWave Center Jakarta, is going to throw its first ever annual recital!

Not only am I excited to be able to perform in the event, but also because I'm serving as the chairman and co-originator of the concept. Yeah!! Finally, something that I can be proud of.

The Dance Within
"Defying norms, disobeying regulations. To dance, to live, to celebrate"

Saturday, November 21st, 2009 - 7 PM onwards
Auditorium of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Jakarta
Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta

Tickets are Rp. 75,000 (House / Stage Level)
and Rp. 65,000 (Wing / Stage Level)
Contact me at or +62811939906 for tickets

Now, I'm going tell a litle bit about the concept to you.

We started off with a very simple idea: two rival dance schools trying to outdo one another. Of course, one of the hip hop teachers said that it was too much like Step Up 2! Meow. I hadn't watched the movie at that time so I didn't know. So off we went on our own merry ways, trying to figure a great story line.

You might probably be thinking, oh what's so hard about finding a story for a belly dance recital? Well, that's the problem. It's not just a belly dance recital. DanceWave Center Jakarta teaches not only American Cabaret Belly Dance, but also Hip Hop Dance (with Sexy Ladies / Hip Hop Burlesque Dance as the offshoot).

Some of you might know that Indonesia has this newly installed porn-bill. It's umm... a set of laws that regulates pornograpy in the country. The bill is very controversial because many people (especially artists and those who work in the fields of art) fee that it really limits their work. After the bill was officiated, one of the traditional dances here, the Jaipong Dance from West Java, recently got mentioned as being too porn-y to be danced in public, thus inciting public outcry from the much publicized incident.

Se we thought, why not use it? Belly dance (or dance, or art in general) is definitely not a porn dance, yet it is considered as vulgar by many people. Then a story was built. We created a character, a nameless dictator with his two loyal henchmen. The dictator forbids all kinds of dance in the country and with his two henchmen always manages to ruin dance shows and performances.

The dancers are so fed-up that they throw a secret underground dance party, not only to show off their talents, but also to do what they really love: dancing.

Sadly, the evil dictator and his henchmen were able to slip into the party. Yes. He comes, he sees, and he conquers. But what does he conquer? Does he conquer the dancers, imprison them for good, and finally restore his version of peace in the country? Or does he conquer himself and let the passion from within - the dance within - to overcome and overtake him?

You gotta come and see the show to know.

And I'm not going to overrate it (no, seriously), so all I can say is that all these dancers, both the hip hop dancers and the belly dancers are doing some serious practices and rehearsals.

The hip hop dancers are ready to show you dancing feats that are, as they put it, "really rad". Like steppin', stompin', poppin' & lockin', crumpin', other in'-s, as well as classic hip hop moves and PussyCat Dolls type of semi-Burlesque dance.

Meanwhile, the belly dancers will showcase their talents in using props such as veils and zills and precise drum solos. There will be Isis Wings and yours truly here will dance with Lilith the Scimitar. YAY!!!

So yeah. I'm excited.

And I want you to come. Seriously. Indulge your eyes, ears, and soul and open your mind to these two dances that so different, yet can move so harmoniously together, one after the other.

"The Dance Within" - the first annual recital of DanceWave Center Jakarta will be held on Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at Auditorium Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Jakarta, from 7 PM onwards (the show's around 80 minutes).

Tickets are already available. You can buy from me. Just contact me through my e-mail or cellphone at +62811939906. I'm selling two types of tickets: House (Stage-Level) Rp. 75,000 per person and Wing (Stage-Level) Rp. 65,000 per person.

Buy as soon as possible. We're selling like mad here.

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