Saturday, January 01, 2011

an award? for this blog? really???

I'm an underachiever. I know that and I fully embrace that fact.

I don't have a mantle full of trophies (I only have one little trophy) or a wall full of winning certificates or medals or badges (none of those, even).

That's why I take complements seriously (I've blogged about this) because they're all I have to remind myself that I'm on the right path in life by following my passion.

So when I opened my Feedjit Live report this morning, I was surprised to see that I'm getting visitors from a link that says "Best Belly Dancing Blogs".

I surfed to the website and found out that this very sanctuary of my thoughts and rants and egomaniacal wisdom (???) is actually chosen as one of the Top Five of Bellydancing Blogs by

Although the description somewhat cements my reputation as being a clown (crashing into a glass, anyone?), I am very much proud of myself (something that I very rarely feel).

What a great way to start the new year. I hope this good luck will not fade too soon.

So thank you, good people at!

Now, why don't they make a TOP FIVE BAAAADGE?????? *narcissistic streak*


the long morrow said...

Congratulations! It is an awesome blog. I say it should be at least top TWO! HEHEHEHE. :D

famousfeline said...

Haha thank you!! finally, something I can be proud of!

Dinner is still on this evening (Monday, January 3rd)!

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