Friday, August 26, 2011

the birds at tannourine

Last week (yes, last week. I did one heck of a procrastinating job), I finally went to Tannourine, the Middle-Eastern eatery at San Mateo. The restaurant is small, intimate, and quaintly located on a rather ordinary street, in that you wouldn't know Oriental and Tribal decadence regularly takes place inside it.

It was a special night, since not only FCBD performed, but also many of my friends from L3 and L4 - known as the BlueDiamondBellyDance (BDBD) - including three special ladies with whom I was particularly close to (we had a couple of private sessions with Sensei Kae and all of us seem to have a rather unhealthy fondness of cats). Needless to say, I simply had to watch them perform. Julia, one of the three girls, picked me up, her mother (an engaging conversationalist and excellent backseat driver), and Theresa (another friend who was performing).

The show opened with FCBD troupe. As usual, I chose not to take pictures and just see the performances. The numbers were energetic, although at times, due to Tannourine's seating arrangement, I couldn't see when the dancers were doing floorworks.

Up next were the BDBD gals: Michiyo, Theresa, Jennifer, Shelley, Kelsey, Yuka, Laura, and Julia. I'm telling you, when they performed, you wouldn't know that they were students. Even Sensei Kae said, when watching the performance video, that the smiles and the hip works were really the kind of smiles and hip works that she would like to see every single time we were practicing in class.

Another highlight of the show was Colleena Shakti. I just... I have so many mixed emotions whenever I see her dance, and that night was no exception. She was so amazing, so graceful, so effortless, her hand gestures and fingers were so beautiful, I mean, Colleena Shakti is definitely one of those people who couldn't do anything wrong. After being stricken by such grace and beauty, I became envious, and then motivated... and then I went home, saw the bed, and forgot everything. Ha!

The last picture shows the three girls (Yuka-Julia-Laura) I talked about, and we just christened our "troupe" name (there's another girl - Maya). The idea of the name is not that we are going to accept gigs or dance in public on our own anytime soon, but so we know how to call ourselves. I told the girls that I could only stay in the USA for two years and I really hoped to be able to dance with them before leaving. It is truly an honor to perform with people you grow up with, in ATS that is.

I'm getting so melancholic thinking about this.

I proposed "Four Gals and a Dude", but Julia came up with a better one: "Rara Avis". The literal meaning is "rare birds", but the expression really means a miraculous being that exceeds all expectations.

DEEP. And it's Latin! You can't beat that.

Well, my expectation is to dance with Rara Avis before I leave this country for good. I hope I can exceed it. For now, here's to the birth of the Rare Birds.


Second photo by Mr. CheekyMonkey. Third photo by Luke Terheyden.


Foodycat said...

Rara avis is a FANTASTIC troupe name! Brilliant! And there is nothing unhealthy about adoring cats.

famousfeline said...

Yes it is, isn't it? Thank you!

Oh, well... I'm sure there's nothing unhealthy about staring at the computer screen for hours, looking at cute cat photos and videos and forgetting to eat or shower... *hangs head in shame*

Foodycat said...

Nothing unhealthy at all! Except when your actual kitty says it is time to feed her.

famousfeline said...

I miss my actual kitty! *sigh*

It's really hard to not live with a cat, especially when I'm living alone like right now, but I'm in no position or place to adopt a cat, so I'll just have to make do with the cat websites and tumblrs and on-line comics. *sigh again*

Kelsey said...

LOVE the name!!!! Be sure to let us all know when Rara Avis debuts! And, if you have more than one performance before you leave the US, please invite me to be a guest dancer with your troupe. I'd love to dance with you all soon. ahh, ATS <3.

famousfeline said...

Kelsey: we will! I sure will! Well, I'll be staying here for two years, and to tell you the truth, the only thing that's keeping me from withdrawing from my school is the FCBD studio.

I can always be a bad writer or even fail to have friends at school, but I cannot not make it in ATS.

Kelsey said...

Yuska, I know exactly how you feel!!!

I've definitely been making a conscious effort to make sure I have more time for dancing. On that note, hope to see you in class tomorrow!

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