Friday, June 17, 2011

fcbd presents: devotion 2011 - the home

School ended on June 3, while Devotion, the one-night-only annual recital of FCBD, would happen on June 17. Also, an apartment was yet to be found. What was a boy to do? Well, he simply had to extend his stay.

So, he extended the stay, found a home that was coincidentally less than 4 blocks away from Devotion 2011, which was coincidentally, titled The Home.

That is the story of my life. Isn't it just amazing that so many things can fall into place and the pieces of the puzzle just match themselves up?

As I am writing this, I just came home from Devotion. It was too short. It was that good that I felt it was too short. I mean, I could just see them dancing forever (of course, the dancers and the musicians aren't gods, although they do convey god-like qualities when they are performing, I mean... just how many languages can Ling Shien Bell sing in? She just sang them without reading the text! French, Indian, and whatever other languages I didn't understand. And by golly, Colleena Shakti really worked that gungru! Talk about full-body coordination. And she is sooo purdy...).

Below are my photos, an unofficial documentation from the event. I just had to take some pictures to remind me of the moment I witnessed. I could always buy the Devotion 2011 DVD, which I recommend you also do. This year's performance had it all: dramatic, cheeky fun, with the always hilarious Rakadu Gypsy (dressed as plumbers) did a Raqs el Assaya number with plumbing uncloggers (you know, the sticks with the red rubber pumps attached).

It was not easy for me to take pictures with my pocket digital camera, so I had to miss the people I really wanted to take pictures of. For what it's worth, however, here are the pictures that I felt good enough to be shown here.

Oh, and I apologize to Colleena Shakti for forgetting to turn off the flash when I took a photo *smacks head*.

Helm. Nuff said.

Devyani Dance Co. (directed by Megha Gavin), FCBD's Sister Studio in Birmingham, AL.

Ghawazi Caravan (directed by Devi Mamak), FCBD's sister studio in Australia.

Colleena Shakti, the other half of NakaRali.

Elizabeth Strong.

FatChanceBellyDance - as represented by Stefanie and Wendy, swathed in assiut goodness.

And finally, the creatrix herself: Carolena Nericcio.


Febi Purnamasari said...

wowww!! totally tribal! even they have Indian dance style :D

chella said...

What an incredible night that would have been! Thanks for sharing :)

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