Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my celebrity status

I quit Twitter about a month after using it. It was just filled with crap and people Tweeting and Retweeting unimportant things. And back then, I didn't think it was possible to mute a Tweet (or a user) without unfollowing the user. I mean, even the cultweets made me sick (and the consequential retweeting of such cultweets resulted in my Twitter feeder filled with the same junk), and then there were the sh*tweets. So I drew the line and joined Plurk.

My boyfriend and many of my friends from college were already at Plurk. College was the time I made many nice friends, so it practically felt like home. No pretentiousness, no one trying to impress one another or gain a "fanbase" so to speak. I am just so happy Plurking.

About two days ago, I plurked about my broken Acer notebook (damn you, Acer - I just bought that piece of junk like last December) and then my friend from college, in an out of topic but so sweet mode, said that she saw a video of me dancing. She immediately shouted, "That's my senior!" (that made me so proud - Thank you, Rismania). So that's the good news.

The bad news is that the video was for a wedding organizer's promotional video. It was professionally made and shown in a wedding exhibition.

I was filled with so many emotions when I found out about that. I mean, yeah it's good publicity. And I think that's one of the first signs of being a celebrity: your photos and videos are published without your consent (even from the age of 12, I found out that people know about me and I don't know anything about them).

However, first of all, it was not that wedding organizer who hired me to dance in that particular wedding. The mother of the bride was my former employee and she was the one who personally asked me to dance.

And then when my friend shouted that it was me, the staff of the wedding organizer said,with enthusiasm, that they could provide bellydancers for her wedding.


A bellydancer. A male bellydancer. Dancing with a sword.

So, Mr. Budi Prayitno (the wedding organizer who showed the video of me dancing, to the general public, in a wedding exhibition, to make people think that I am a bellydancer hired by your service agency), this is not a cease and desist blog post.


I'm just going to say SCREW YOU and I'm looking forward to working with you.


The Raqasa said...

Fight the power! How discourteous. And yet flattering. I see why you have mixed feelings about this ... great cat pic, btw.

famousfeline said...

I know, right?? And yet I feel a slight guilt for also putting up pictures of my idols in my blog, sometimes without notifying said idols.

But then again, this blog is more or less not made for profit.

The Raqasa said...

It's a tricky one - dance is a visual artform and a blog can look pretty grim if it's all text and no pictures. I haven't monetised my blog either, but I also make sure that (a) I never use anyone's clips or pictures to make fun of them or rip them to shreds and (b) I provide an email address so that if anyone really objects to the use of their image, they can get hold of me personally. So far, so good!

famousfeline said...

That's an excellent idea! Hey, maybe you want to write about copyright issues for your dance-related-problems blog entry?

Also about copying moves, performing to an unlicensed song, etc?

The Raqasa said...

DUDE! That sounds like a challenge. I accept, but I see research time on the horizon. Ooph. The other fear is that I'll find out I have BBP: Bad Blogging Practices. :(

famousfeline said...

Yes, I see your point on research. I think to really write and cover the topic holistically, we need at least three weekends where it's raining and we can't go outside to play.

I'd probably need five weekends, though. I can blurt out opinionated entries, but as for well-researched ones... Not so much.

Mwhahahaha BBP. Yeah... I myself have that APS, Acute Procrastinator Syndrome borderlining on Pathological.

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