Friday, February 11, 2011

mid-term week

Boy, oh boy.

So today was the last day of the mid-term exams at EF. I was just glad that I've passed the GMAT/GRE Writing mid-term test. Possibly with a good score. My mind just switched off when I saw the topic for the issue statement.

As I hopped on to the bus back to the hostel, I sighed a relief. It was finally over! Yay! And I had time to eat lunch and go to FCBD studio - today's lesson started at 4 because Ms. Lalwani had something to do. I won't mind having lessons at 4 PM, as long as I can go back to the hostel before it gets dark. After all, I live in Tenderloin.

So I arrived at FCBD studio at 3.15 PM. In total, I spent 10 minutes of going to from the hostel to the Civic / Market BART, take the BART ride to 16th / Mission, and walk to the FCBD studio. Wow.

I met Ms. Montgomery there and I paid for my General Skills & Teacher Training 1 & 2 (!!!!!!!) for the end of February. Then I headed to the studio to practise some moves alone. After a while, I decided to just browse around the shop (!!!!!!!) (SERIOUSLY WHY DO THEY HAVE TO HAVE SO MANY GOOD THINGS TO BUY OMIGOD! There were the burnt velvet hipscarves with fringes, Assuits, and the jewelery, forpetessake... I almost succumbed to temptation).

And then Ms. Lalwani came and as I was about to ask her the questions I wrote in my notebook... she said, "I'm going to quiz you," and I almost fainted.

I think I barely passed the quiz. I just have so many things to learn.

In the mean time, Ms. Nericcio will be guest-teaching tomorrow's Dance Conditioning class. She'll be teaching us belly rolls. Man, even after two years, I still can't do belly rolls. Flutter is a lot easier.

Oh, and I've registered and paid for FCBD's General Skills, Teacher Training 1 & 2 intensives, so umm... MORE TESTS!!

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