Friday, January 14, 2011

so much drama

I finally got to see Black Swan this evening, and I have tell you: it was intense. The last time I came out of the theatre feeling the adrenaline rush was after Matrix: Reloaded. It is so... in your face. Almost everything is in a close-up and it gives the feeling of being there with the characters.

The movie is filled with so many female erotic scenes and a lesbian scene and I didn't feel a thing. I'm. Just. That. Gay.

But again, the movie drained me. It took me on a roller-coaster ride and I greatly enjoyed it. It's not just a dance movie. And I don't think it's a dance movie. I mean, yeah you get to see some moves here and there, but not too many. Still, it's a gorgeous movie.

Black Swan is a story about a ballerina who becomes so obsessed about playing the most important role in the world (Swan Queen in Swan Lake). She gets the part but is still very protective and competitive about it. Nearing the end, she gets more and more insane, but the ending is just... perfect. In so many ways.

What I really want to blog about is how exciting the whole thing is. Okay, please excuse me if that previous sentence sounds so vague. I'm typing at 2 words per hour and I'm so sleepy but I also have to finish downloading something.

But seriously: it is not just a dance. It is everything. I know how ballerinas work, they take it as a full time job because when you are young and agile (and thin), you have to work your ass of to reach the pinnacle of their career really quick because as you put on age, you're out of the business. Well, not quite. You can still teach and maybe own your own school or dance company, but that's it. It's like air-hostesses, athletes, and to some extent, models.

Ah, athletes. I think that's one more reason to really compare dancers and athletes. After all, real dancers must pass rigorous training in the discipline(s) of their choice to reach a paragon.

The character, Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) loses her mind getting into the character.

One can argue that if it's how it's going to be, so be it. After all, the show is the most important thing.

And one more thing before I faint: I just love the story behind it. It's not just one piece of choreography thrown in one after another. There's a change of set, of decoration, of mood, all following a plot and a story, so beautifully crafted to fit a set of songs. There's a sense of continuity and flow and a story.

I think that's my ideal dance recital. But of course, in an ideal dance recital, money wouldn't be a problem.

Here's one video by my all-time favorite comediennes: French & Saunders, talking about ballet.


the long morrow said...

The scene that Nina's mother cut her nails with scissors is just disturbing, isn't it? And the one when she touched herself while her mother slept next to her, that one's insane!

HUHUHU, we have to wait until February to watch the movie in cinema, and it will be the censored version. HUHUHUHU. :(

famousfeline said...

I just can't imagine how the uncensored version will be like. Sexuality is the center of the film's plot, and although not explicit (no nude, just erotic), I don't think the Indonesian film censorship board will do justice to the movie.

I find the scene where she just scraped off the skin of her finger in a party deeply disturbing. I cringed.

And yes, when she was masturbating and found out her mother was next to her... It got everyone in the building laughing.

Also, when Lily asked "Was I good?" after she found out Nina had lesbian fantasies about her. Mwahahahahahahaa...

And Lily is from San Francisco and brings drugs with her and said she got them all in SF. That one got an instant reaction from the audience.

I wish I could watch it with you guys, though.

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