Monday, November 30, 2009

(parts of my) dreams are coming true... soon - belly dance festival asia 2010: shimmy in bali

One of my friends who also belly dances sent me a message through the ever-practical-really-useful Facebook *sighing longingly at Mark Zuckerberg's picture*.

Apparently, the Belly Dance Festival Asia 2010, which was originally going to take place in Malaysia, is relocated to... *drumroll...*


Well, not exactly in Jakarta, though. I mean, come on. Jakarta's filled with big yaks of hypocrites. Where else would a belly dance festival take place but in Bali?

The perfect excuse to get on a plane and see my boyfriend (he lives in Denpasar).

JillinaSharon KiharaElizabeth Strong
Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Elizabeth Strong

So, on February 25th until 28th, Indonesia will host Jillina and the Belly Dance Evolution. That's like... four freaking days of workshops. I'll obviously be taking lessons from Sharon Kihara and Elizabeth Strong. There's one particular workshop by Louchia - the Armenian Dance that I'm interested in joining. And for the closing is the gala dinner and show by Jillina and the Belly Dance Evolution.

To tell you the truth, I'm happy. Really, I am. I mean, I get to see Sharon Kihara and Elizabeth Strong! And learn from them! I pass Jillina's workshops. I mean, seriously, I'm not on her level. I'll let my teacher, Ms. Miftahul, learn from her (she's a big fan of Jillina's) and cascade the lessons down to us. Hopefully Jillina won't be as gruesome as Sadie. Earlier this year, Ms. Miftahul went to Malaysia to take Sadie's workshop and she came back drilling us like crazy. I'm telling you, the amount of sweat and pain almost killed us all.

However, yeah. I'm happy but I'm not ecstatic. I was already planning to go to Malaysia for the Belly Dance Festival Asia 2010 and a huge reason was because of Ansuya. I don't know why, but she's not coming to Bali for the workshop. Ozzy's going to be there, but no Ansuya.

I've said this many times before and I'm going to say this again. Ozzy is a hottie.

But then again, NO ANSUYA!!!

She's like... the epitome of American Oriental. Okay, I don't know where she's heading with all her cabaribalusion thing, but I really enjoy her dancing. Just like I enjoy Anaheed's and... well... Most American Oriental dancers in general.

The Belly Dance Festival Asia 2010: Shimmy in Bali is proudly presented by The Haremqueen Dancers and Magnificent 9 Production. I've heard about Haremqueen for sometime now and I'm so happy that they're doing this for the sake of Oriental (and Tribal) dance in Indonesia.

To all belly dancers in Indonesia, I'm not going to overrate Jillina or the Belly Dance Evolution, but this is the time to really spend your hard-earned money and invest on the workshops.

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Kat said...

Hello! I was researching about the Belly Dance Festival at Bali and came across your blog. You are truly fascinating, and I admire your passion for belly dance. Keep shimmying and keep the belly dance flame alive :)

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