Thursday, September 18, 2008

on teaching

For the girls and guys who have never been inside the male's locker room for some (apparent) reason(s), let me tell you something: it is not a pretty sight.

I started going to the gym since January 2007. I usually go there after work, which means I have to change my clothes... Where else could you possibly do it if not the locker room?

Surprisingly, the sight of the naked, mostly shirtless, male bodies doesn't turn me on. Even those with magnificent physiques I find attractive while pumping iron fail to push my buttons when they're only in their underwear or just wrap a towel around their waist, or even in their birthday suit. I just don't know why. I mean, I'm gay and so slutty, but I never feel comfortable inside the locker room.

The view of the lockers of Setiabudi One's FitbyBeat

Maybe I just feel intimidated. I don't know.

ANYWAY, I can safely say that what happens inside the male locker room is totally different than what happens inside the female locker rooms. And those stereotyped locker room talks and jokes really happen.

Guys usually talk about how to make themselves bigger (muscularly speaking), what supplement to take (and their side effects, like last night I was exposed IN DETAILS to how one detoxing agent can do something realy icky to your bowels - something that I regretted of overhearing although luckily I was about to go out of the locker room), and sometimes, they talk about work - stockmarket and all.

Geez. Can't they talk about Shu Uemura's simply magical eye-lash curlers, or why Can Can by Paris Hilton is surprisingly nice, and why it is much more ethical to use products by The Body Shop instead of Dior?

I totally covet this perfume!

But yesterday wasn't such a loss after all. I also subbed for my teacher who couldn't make it to class last night. I got paid (yay!) and got the chance to show off my awful teaching skills. What with the late notice (about 11 hours before the class started) and therefore my lack of preparation.

Thankfully, the experience also made me learn that I am not good in following songs. I teach based on the songs. So I carefully chose the music (mostly R&B, because the class is actually more of an American-style cardio belly dance) and showed each movement during each song (for example, Shakira and Alejandro Sanz's "La Tortura" goes with the chest works; Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" is perfect for vertical eight-figure; R. Kelly's "Snake" is for snake arms, etc.)

The problem is, when the song is done, I will be done too, whether or not the girls have mastered the movement is none of my concern. This is not good. I think next time, when / if I get another chance, I'll just use the music as the back sound to teach the movements and end it with the template song that everyone can dance to easily.

Whew. It IS hard to be a teacher. I admire those who can have patience and dedication, confidence and courage to be in front of the class.

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